Help! Does anyone know if this Cat is healthy?

Help! Does anyone know if this Cat is healthy? It has a wound looking marking on the back of its neck and eats and molts normally, just not sure if it’s a disease to be worried about

It looks great.

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Welcome to the forum! If it has successfully moulted, it should be fine. As @milodoingstuff says, it looks great. It also looks like a later instar larva, so any diseases/parasites would start to show up soon.

Well, you’ll see it if ichneumonid will climb out of its cocoon.)

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Oh, a caterpillar. I thought this was going to be someone asking for veterinary advice for their housecat!

Is it possible that’s an actual wound?


Ok thank you! I was so worried but it is moving normally and eating a lot!

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Haha sorry yea catepillar. I found only one similarish photo online and it said a wound but wanted to rule out disease

I first encountered the term ‘Cat’ on the Caterpillar Rearing Group (Facebook) based in South Africa. The ‘leaders’ (one is Suncana Bradley) belong to iNat. It still takes me aback though!

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