Help me create a filter for marine life (wiki)

There might also be some Chara species

Aren’t Chara mostly freshwater algae though? I’m not an expert on algae by any means, just going by an outdated botany text I have.

Polycheates and annelids shouldn’t be grouped together?

There is currently an unsorted catch-all of fauna under Animalia
The sorting that has happened was mostly to make it easier to see what had been added and the bullets seem to clarify the minuses.

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It’s a mess. Robert did some sorting but I haven’t gathered the spare energy to finish what he started.

Not a mess, just a work in progress


I’ve added some stuff under Chromista that I think are mostly marine. Ochrophyta includes diatoms and the brown algae such as kelps, rockweeds, bladderwrack etc. There may be some others I’ve missed since the taxonomy seems to have changed quite a bit between the list of algae I have and what is on iNat.

I also tentatively added the cyanobacteria. I’m sure there are a lot of freshwater and terrestrial photobionts associated with lichens and plants in that group as well but I don’t know enough to sort out if there are any particular subgroups that are mostly marine.

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I mean, the original title did made me click on it :man_shrugging:

Just another resource for those so inclined.
I was trying to further look up Marine Fungi :scream:

From Wiki above Wiki- Robert’s Edit

I’m not sure they satisfy the need for

At least the ones that I know of spend about 50% of their time inland.

OK I have removed that for the time being.

What about mangroves?

aren’t most of them in brackish water? I’m looking for real saltwater, coast to open ocean at all depths.

The way I done it is I found a comprehensive list such as Perciformes. If I enter Perciformes then freshwater fish are also displayed alongside the marine species, so I need to exclude those freshwater species. The only way to do this is by including all suborders from the comprehensive list rather than the Order. Again, this includes Fresh water species & Saltwater species in some suborders, so select the Suborders with freshwater species and remove them. Then with those removed suborders include all families that were in that removed suborder, if such family includes salt water & freshwater species then go lower again to genus etc…

I’ not aware of a ‘Exclude 01234’ function so the only way around it is select the Taxa that has Freshwater or terrestrial species and keep going lower.

Also Mangroves are a marine species that thrives in brackish and ocean water.

Just seen this Post from 24days ago. It appears there is now a way to exclude Taxa using - &without_taxon_id=

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