Help me create a filter for marine life (wiki)

Just another resource for those so inclined.
I was trying to further look up Marine Fungi :scream:

From Wiki above Wiki- Robert’s Edit

I’m not sure they satisfy the need for

At least the ones that I know of spend about 50% of their time inland.

OK I have removed that for the time being.

What about mangroves?

aren’t most of them in brackish water? I’m looking for real saltwater, coast to open ocean at all depths.

The way I done it is I found a comprehensive list such as Perciformes. If I enter Perciformes then freshwater fish are also displayed alongside the marine species, so I need to exclude those freshwater species. The only way to do this is by including all suborders from the comprehensive list rather than the Order. Again, this includes Fresh water species & Saltwater species in some suborders, so select the Suborders with freshwater species and remove them. Then with those removed suborders include all families that were in that removed suborder, if such family includes salt water & freshwater species then go lower again to genus etc…

I’ not aware of a ‘Exclude 01234’ function so the only way around it is select the Taxa that has Freshwater or terrestrial species and keep going lower.

Also Mangroves are a marine species that thrives in brackish and ocean water.

Just seen this Post from 24days ago. It appears there is now a way to exclude Taxa using - &without_taxon_id=

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Soortenlijst Nederlandse Noordzee

Soortenlijst Nederlandse Noordzee:

A list of marine fungi here
DOI 10.1007/s13225-015-0339-4
including a number of plant hosts for these fungi not yet on the list.
Of course most are only recorded by specialists, but some do have iNat records.
WoRMS has the best list … WoRMS - World Register of Marine Species

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Birds needs a lot of work.

Is this all going into a collection project once it’s done?

I didn’t have a specific purpose in mind.

Every all marine bird family should be included now. I’ll need help for individual species and genera.

I’ll refine this list after Xmas.
This Marine Filter is for Australia only so far not everything is included as it’s missing microscopic organisms, some marine plants, mammals & reptiles, but it can probably be used as a template for other continents. There may be some species I’ve excluded as I’ve only checked against Australian species.
If any species are terrestrial or Freshwater on your continent then add the lowest possible rank that doesn’t exclude marine species to the exclusion list.

Include: 47178,49232
Exclude: 58612,47520,51334,49887,49216,83707,85001,85891,48158,59116,95759,521489,87668,89377,87437,90179,86402,47354,90197,91930,503896,90267,86105,525665,88844,93804,88526,90738,85950,88528,87486,91963,623955,370903

Sharks & Rays
Include: 47273

Include: 47534
Exclude: 171285

Sea Squirts
Include: 47811


Include: 85493
Exclude: 84718,983321,2082088,2085718,1134694,342921,343789,1297361,2085350,85783,119123,644261

Include: 67564

Include: 47186
Exclude: 342921,503896,82088,85783,209360

Include: 68104
Exclude: 68105

Include: 41736,41687,41567,41479, 846055,41454,41434,41401,46306,152871,

Microcrustaceans – Opossum Shrimp
Include: 47628,144115,245445,144125,245422,153112,85532
Exclude: 319059

Include: 551391,47459,47584,47114,47429
Exclude: 781349,133806,775812,372765,534850,86074,68812,85811

Include: 35201,39657

Include: 47549

Sea Spiders
Include: 47825

Include: 48824
Exclude: 517637

Include: 47491
Exclude: 122518,171276,333586

Seaweeds & Marine Plants
Include: 57774,50863,48220,52615,62865,50376, 50372
Exclude: 55164

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Spent some time applying the inclusions and exclusions in the Wiki above to a RG collection project. Worldwide Marine Life. Duplicated the rules but as a RG and Needs ID project for a local place Salish Sea Marine Life.

The significance of limiting the worldwide project to RG is so that land based crabs, gastropods etc don’t show up because they have only been identified to family etc. A


could be used to specifically look for land based organisms of interest.

Also for this project, worked on Ray-finned Fish exclusion heavily supplemented by rules from other marine fish projects, and heavy handed cherry picking from the resulting map to exclude species, genus, and or families etc of fish - one thing with fish is that in some cases a single species, or so it appeared, within a large genus had evolved to live solely in freshwater.

Also cherry picked species, genus, and or families of organisms such as crabs, flatworms, Chromista (maybe too much), and etc.

This still needs some auditing and editing. Need to audit @w_martin exclusions and inclusions to see if these are all used - working on that currently. Some birds such as loons, ducks and etc have not been included because I am unsure as to how much of their life cycle/time is spent in a marine environment. Fish could be further checked by someone who is very much into ichthyology.

As mentioned in the project About - diadromous fish ((fish that migrate between fresh and salt water) and migrating (or way off course) birds blur the inland boundaries - there are more of these bird observations in the western northern hemisphere from what I call the ebird vagrant effect (EVE) - multiple people documenting posted vagrants.

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I think Talitridae can be called a part of marine life.

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Done thanks. Looks like it is exclusively marine but I will audit land masses.

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I’ve updated mollusks to exclude groups with more than a few hundred observations. Truncatelloidea and Cerithioidea have a big mix of marine and freshwater families, and more could be excluded if desired. Here’s what the RG map would be:,551438,775841,64009,245601,82170,83796,480274,801485,68812,489617,82220,871448,86005


Thanks to everyone who has contributed thus far! Please feel free to use this crowdsourced list however you like. By the community for the community :)

Of course the next logical step is to make a MarineLifeIDathon ;P


Awesome! Give a heads up if you do. The worldwide RG project can be duplicated and have the rules changed to make a Needs ID project for a filter.

I’ll keep it in mind for the future. It would work well for some ideas we’ve had. Next project is the next round of mentorship which is getting delayed a little due to (surprise) my poor health the last two weeks. So perhaps mid-February rather than late January.

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