Adding Observations under a project on android

Hello everyone! I apologize if this is a newbie question, but I created an INaturalist project, and I cannot seem to upload my observations underneath it. It is a community project, limited only to after September 1st and excluding casual grade. I have been uploading my posts, however they do not appear under the project. I have been using the android application, however another person on the project has their observations automatically upload with an apple application. I was wondering if anyone could identify anything I could do to fix this issue? I have tried when making or editing an observation, to ‘add to project’, but nothing happens when I click my project. Similarly, when I am editing on a web browser from my computer, under the add to projects section, when I type my project it will not go any further.

I can’t - but you need to link to your project, then others can troubleshoot for you.

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Telling us the project will help. I am not sure what a “community project” is - do you mean a collection project? If so, you cannot add observations to this manually - they are collected automatically based on the criteria, so you would need to check that your observations match the criteria.

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Yeah that’s probably it, if it’s moth week or something they have to mark it as a moth

Looks like this is the project:

As far as I can see, you have only made 3 observations since the project started, and all 3 are in the project.

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