Help request _ Research about biodiversity monitoring


for my diploma thesis in product/industrial design I am researching the topic of environmental monitoring in remote, uncivilized areas of the earth. The basic idea is to empower outdoor travelers as volunteers to collect relevant environmental data about biodiversity in the context of Citizen Science.

I am following the vision that data collection on biodiversity with the help of small, portable, tools will become possible and accessible for semi-professionals. For this, I am following two approaches:

  • Passive measuring of pollen type and concentration in the air through simple, non-digital and portable collectors (e.g. attached to the backpack)
  • Monitoring the presence of selected species with bioacoustic sensors, either portable or installed on a fixed position

Are you familiar with one or both of these topics and can give me some input about this? Also, if you can think of other metrics and indicators of biodiversity in remote remote areas, I would be happy to hear about that as well.

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