Collection project or traditional project?

I am just learning about Collections. Can someone advise me, please?

In 2015 I created the Meriden Biodiversity Project to track the biodiversity in my little city. I had no specific plans for the data other than to have it to help support the preservation of open spaces and to help get people interested in and aware of biodiversity.

Now that we have Collections, I am thinking that maybe I should abandon the project in favor of creating a Collection. Along with this, we have native plantings at most of the public schools in my city, and the science coordinator who monitors them would like to begin collecting data for observations made at these plantings. I’m thinking that she should create a project for this specific data collection, and that project would then be included under the umbrella of the Collection. We are also interested in creating pollinator pathways, another opportunity for more data collection. I’m envisioning having some mini (such as one-hour) pop-up bioblitzes to get people excited about our local biodiversity and to teach them about iNat.

If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.

The first step is to assess whether you need a project in the first place, or if you can simply use the search filters to find your relevant observations. More info here:

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