How do I favorite a genus/family?

Hi, sorry if this is not the right place to post this question. I’m having trouble finding how to favorite a Genus or Family. I’ve been on here a while.
I’m on a computer.
When I search it up it only shows how to do this on a phone.


I was under the impression you could only fav an observation.

Well, I live and learn…

I don’t know how to favorite a genus or family but you can subscribe to a taxon (or location or taxon/location combo) on the web by clicking on the little gear icon to the right of “Subscriptions”. That might get you the functions you’re looking for.


To add, if you truly mean favourite vs. id. In your lists there’s one for favourites, this list shows on your profile page, add taxa there.


Yes, to get to it, you have to go to your profile, and then at the bottom there should be an option at add favorite taxa, though it may not be phrased exactly like that because the process involves making a list.

I’m also not sure if the option shows up for users who haven’t uploaded a certain number of observations. I think that’s the case, but don’t recall for sure.

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Thank you all for helping. I was asking about favoriting a taxa. I found it! Thanks.

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