Herping in Sinai Peninsula (Egypt)

Hello fellow Naturalists :smiley:
I’m going to travel to Sharm el Sheikh in 2 weeks, but I’m not at all interested in spending my time on the beach, I want to visit some historical and natural places (have already researched that)… and hopefully find some herps :) Since Sinai Peninsula is a popular tourist destination I thought maybe some of you have been there. If so, were you able to find a lot of lizards and snakes? What would be the best places for that? Is there any chance for seeing sea turtles in November? I guess it’s not the right season, is it?
Thanks in advance for your answers :)

I’ve been there once as a kid, I remember that each evening everything was covered in gekkos and my mom’ve seen a sea turtle, it was in early April.


Geckos are my favorite lizards, so I hope it’s the same in November :smiley: In Turkey where I currently live geckos are still active, so in Egypt they should be as well. Of course, it would be cool to see a horned viper snake but I don’t have high hopes for that


make sure to stay near the tourist areas. If you wander into the wild areas without an escort and permission from local authority, it is extremely dangerous especially at night.


It’s going to be my first time in Egypt, so for sure I’m not going to travel alone at night, especially as a foreign-looking woman. But if there are any good spots for herping I would consider hiring a local guide/driver to go there. Otherwise I’m just going to go on some organized trips to canyons, monasteries etc. Although I have traveled alone to many “middle-of-nowhere” places in Turkey and Iraq, I’m trying to be reasonable :)

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