Holidaying in London right now - did I just hear a common raven?

I’m staying in a flat in Farringdon. Just twice this morning, I heard bird calls that sound like that of the common raven (Corvus corax). According to Wikipedia, the common raven is:

The last time ravens nested in the wild in London was in Hyde Park in 1826, but the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds reported in 2004 that ravens had been observed nesting in the Home Counties around London, as close as 30 miles from the Tower.[40]

It’s still somewhat dark outside, so I’d struggle to take good photos. Is it likely that I heard common ravens this morning? Also, would they be wild ones or escapees from the Tower of London?

You can check the map, there’re many observations in London, they may not breed there, but in January they don’t have to be right on their breeding grounds. You also don’t need to take photos, audio is enough!


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