How can I edit all of my observations within a geographical boundary that's not a place?

Hi. I’ve run into a small issue when trying to “standarize” my observations from certain places. I don’t know how to select observations from a specific place on the map (not a designed place, more like the Custom Boundary tool in “Observations”):

In the image, for example, I wish to select all of the observations within these three points (from three separate surveys) and edit their placement in the center of the valley (where they belong). Is there any way to do so without having to select all of them manually?

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Yes, you can go to your Edit Observations page, zoom in and choose Redo search in map area.

Then choose Batch Edit, Select All, Edit Selected. Then under Batch Operations you can edit the location.
Repeat for each page of observations.


Thank you so much! :D I’m so relieved it can be done so easily!


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