How can I find a flag I may have made?

I was looking at a taxon page where some kind of bean had a taxonomy that led up to Mollusca, so I flagged the taxon page but then it looked like it changed to plants immediately, so I tried to delete the flag and it said only curators can do it. Is there a way I can find a flag I have made, if I don’t remember the specific taxon?

I repeated the sequence, but I don’t know if it’s the same bean taxon or not. This time I didn’t delete the flag, but the taxonomy changed by itself. It’s like Schrodinger’s cat or something.

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If you go to you can use the search options. For example, here are all flags on taxa that you’ve made.


Thank you. I only found one of the flags, and I left a comment that it changed itself.

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Something is still strange with the taxonomic linkages here. If I search for the molluscan family Phaseolidae, all the observations are of the plant genus Phaseolus:

Strangely, if I search for the molluscan genus Phaseolus, no observations are found:

So, somehow a handful of bean observations are mis-linked at the family level, but not at the genus level. Maybe this is just a database update-lag from whatever got fixed earlier?


Just as background, in case it somehow ties in with what you are saying, before I went to the taxon pages I was using Identify to go through State of Matter Life observations, and I came to observations that looked like they should already have community IDs because there was more than one ID for beans. So, remembering that @bouteloua had earlier mentioned that the community IDs could be made to appear by faving and then unfaving each observation, that’s what I did, and the community IDs did appear. I went to the taxon pages because I was getting tired of doing it the other way one by one.

I flagged the beans that thought they were molluscs - and Loarie has resolved the flag, sorted out the taxonomy. Now the beans think they are legumes.

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I’m still seeing 54 observations of plants (and none of molluscs) when I search for the molluscan family Phaseolidae. These observations also appear on the Phaseolidae taxon page under “Observations.” I flagged Phaseolidae for curation because of this.

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Looks like their species are all back in the correct (Fabaceae) part of the tree, so this may be a re-indexing lag for family Phaseolidae. Suggest giving it 24 hours and see if the numbers have reset.

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Yes! A search for Phaseolidae now returns zero observations (presumably correct; at least no plants).

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Time to get some real Phaseolidae observations into iNat, before the beans take over again! :sweat_smile:

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