Observations not reindexing automatically? - bivalve genera synonymy issues

I think that the title is self explanatory enough. The family of molluscs Phaseolidae is showing observations of plants from the plant genus Phaseolus, but the mollusc genus Phaseolus does not show them. The taxonomy of the family and the genera are correct, so the only explanation is a bug.

Looks like the numbers are way down from 12 hours ago. So either someone has been fixing something manually, or the numbers have been re-indexing on their own.

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Similar issue with Digitaria (bivalve) and Digitaria (plant). @loarie did something get semi-automated on January 9th that might have accidentally moved some plant taxa under bivalves?


There are a bunch of Digitaria (plant) observations that are falling underneath searches within bivalves,

even though the genus and species were moved back to Poaceae:


I wonder if it has affected other taxa too.

I found the same issue a while ago with Verpa (fungus and bivalve genera). Resaving the taxa might have fixed it. Not sure if this is helpful now. :)

My understanding of whats going on here after reading this thread is that back in January somehow some taxa got grafted to wrong parents with the same names (e.g. Iris the insect and Iris the plant) maybe from something I did through the back end. But I don’t think this is going on any more - correct?

I’m not sure - these are only the ones that have been discovered and flagged by community members.

Phaseolidae (bivalve) still lists stevejones (botanist) as top IDer, but when you click “Leaderboard” and uncheck “verifiable”, it shows two observations, neither of which he has IDed:


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