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I’d like to filter my own observations for Lepidoptera except butterflies not identified to species level and does not contain tag BestIDpossible.

Can someone with more experience help me, please?


So you want moths + ided butterflies and without tag or all lepidoptera higher than species level with this tag?
If latter, than you should open filter tab on your page,and choose lowest taxon > complex or genus, depending on what you need exactly, add in url &q_not=BestIDpossible

I know about the rank drop-down boxes, I’ve been using them, but have been tagging anything that cannot (ever) be identified below current ID as “BestIDpossible”.

I’d like to filter to moths only (Lepidoptera EXCLUDING Papilionoidea), higher than species level, and EXCLUDE anything with the tag “BestIDpossible”.

Hope that makes sense.

I added the url to exclude the tag, message was edited.)
&without_taxon_id=47224 to exclude butterflies
Please say if you have any questions, you need to add both parts in the end of your search url and it will show what you needed:

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Does it matter where I add &q_not=BestIDpossible ?

In this way you should add it in the end of url or you can adjust & part which is in fact just a divider between different requests.

thank you very much!

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So I’m using this URL:
and gradually adding “BestIDpossible” to those that can’t be identified further. However, when I refresh the search, the newly tagged observations are not removed. Does it take time for the system to register new tags?

I believe yes, it will take some time.

It keeps eliminating “&q_not=BestIDpossible” from the URL. The few times it worked, it wasn’t consistent, with some tagged “BestIDpossible” showing and others not showing, all tagged within an hour of each other.
Any other suggestions on how to filter my own observations for those still needing ID to species level, where that is possible for the species would be appreciated.

Do you mark those unidentifiable as “can be improved>no”?

How wonderful, where is that found, please? Here I am created a work-around for a feature that already exists! Duh.

It’s in the bottom of observation page, be careful as it will make observations of family and higher ranks casual, but if they have 2 ids of complex or genus they will become RG.

So I’d have to do this one obs at a time? No batch edit for all those already tagged “BestIDpossible”? Thanks

And when this “Cannot be improved” is enabled, they no longer show when I filter using Low: genus (searching for those not yet IDed to species level)?

Sorry “can be improved” to “no”

I think yes, but you can open your observations in identification tab and it will be fast to do.
If you mark them you can then use filter for needs id, it will eliminate them.

Thank you!

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