How can I remove a project badge from one of my observations?

Hi, can’t you help me with next topic? My latest observation that I did on the beach in Ghana is granted to the LGBTQIA+ community. This happened accidentally but I don’t know very well what will happen next. Ghana is homophobic for half to two-third of the population thus I thought I would better make this undone but how?


What do you mean granted to? Is it on the LGBTQIA+ project of iNat?

Yes. I try to give the link of the observation but don’t see very well how to go to my account.

It looks like you joined the LGBTQ+ project on iNat. You can see your project subscriptions here:
If you don’t want your observations to show as in the project, you can leave the project.
It’s a collection project, so it is designed to pull in all observations made by project members. I don’t think that there’s a way to be a member of a project like this and not and not have it display on your observations, but I could be wrong.


(moved this to its own topic as it was more of a technical question)

Correct. If you’re a member of a collection project and your observation meets that project’s requirements, the project’s badge will show up on the observation.


Perhaps the project needs a carefully worded reminder that project members will be outed. Okay when it is intended.

But not when it was inadvertent - which triggered this thread. Perhaps the question should stay on the original post. In the relevant context. This was not a neutral question.

PS there is no link here back to the original forum post.


Partly, it depends on whether you live in Ghana or are visiting. If you live in a place homophobic enough that you are worried about this, it is probably best not to be in a project like this. If you are just passing through, another solution would be to wait to upload until you have moved on.

I reached out to the project owner and suggested an addition to the About page, which is now there.


Thank you. We have done what we can for the future.

A collection project can also include or exclude certain places so an additional thing the project owner could do is to exclude observations from countries (via exclusion filters) which have legislation against same-sex relationships.

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