How can I see all the moth/butterfly species seen in my state?

I know how to use explore and to find that there have been 1,413 butterfly and moth species seen in Missouri. When I click on species, it only shows me part of that 1,413. How do I see the rest? How do I see a complete list?

that section of the Explore page hits the observation species count API endpoint to get data. you can the do the same (, adding &page=2 for page 2 (and then iterating for each additional page), or you can use a page like this to view the results in a human-friendly format:


I developped the tool described here for this purpose.

I may give you this tool preconfigured and/or generate a report for you, for Missouri or Illinois, or for a bounding box on the map. Just tell me the location and the taxon, or taxa, of interest.

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