How can I turn off notifications for "Faved" observations

I wonder why I cant turn off the notifications for when someone faved my observations,
I dont really care for those “likes” and wish to not get those if possible.

I have searched first for others who asked but couldn’t find an answer.
Thank you

I only favourited your observation as I thought it was noteworthy, it has nothing to do with liking as in social media likes (e.g. facebook and twitter). You can mute individual users so that if they favorite too much, you get no notifications. This site isn’t really a social media site in the same sense as other ones, so favourites and following is more like wanting to see diverse array of observations and bookmarking certain observations (at least that’s what I do; I don’t personal/DM message anyone I follow or favourite, nor do I request anything from them, it’s completely alike to bookmarking).


True, I understand that there are other reasons for fave an observations as you mentioned,
But blocking some users is not the solution i am looking for.
There are knowledgeable people i am awaiting their ID and comments which are also often fave few observations.

I guess i will just ignore them.

  • I have nothing against you or any other who choose the face some of my observations,
    I have to point out. *

Some times they just clog notifications and that’s totally understandable, and can be very inconvenient. Favorites aren’t important like other interactions on observations that should pop up automatically so I feel like a “Turn off notifications for favorites” option for observations would be harmless. Other things of course like ID additions or inclusion to project notifications should still automatically pop up however as they are relevant to the main objective of scientific interaction on the site.


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