Separate Faving from Following

Continuing the discussion from Separate 'Like' and 'Bookmark' buttons:

When I favorite an observation, I almost never want to also follow that observation.

So, I frequently have to manually unfollow favorited obs, either at the time of faving, or when I receive an unwanted notification later. In order to unfollow an observation after faving, you have to first refresh the page. It would be easier if people who do want to fave and follow could just press 2 buttons rather than requiring folks who want to just fave to have to go through more hoops. Faved/liked/thumbs-upped content on other social media websites does not subscribe to that content.

Can we please unlink these actions?

Previously requested on the Google Group here:!topic/inaturalist/OCurSOictQg

This is part of the larger discussion we’re having with the revamped notifications - what, if any, actions should automatically make one follow an obs, flag, etc.

i don’t fave to follow either, and if i want to follow i just select follow which isn’t that hard. Maybe follow should be in an easier to find button and not connected to fave.

For what it’s worth, i would be less bothered by the fave-follow thing if the notifications are fixed. For instance, if agreements with communiy ID were fixed. Say I fav something cool and then 12 people come by to agree with the community ID. I wouldn’t want to know about that (except maybe in an abbreviated dropdown like ‘23 community IDs got supporting IDs’ type thing)… but if someone put in a maverick ID i would want to know. If that makes any sense…

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