How combine observations after uploading

sorry this question has been numerous times been asked, however I was unable to excess the suggested posts.
So, how do I do it?

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Is this what you’re trying for?
How to turn multiple observations into one observation


Heyo Roysh. I know how to do this before I post a observation. However, for what ever reason I posted the same observation on two different days. The one must have slipped into the next days excursion and was posted with a location 500m upstream. A member recognised the observations being from the same specimens and ask to combine and correct location.
In short, I do not know how to combine observations AFTER they uploaded and those observations are already posted to iNat.

As far as I know, the only way to do this is to open the observation with the correct date, choose “Edit,” then, in the “media” window, select “choose files” and re-upload the picture(s) that you had used for the incorrect one. You would then delete the one with the incorrect date.


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