How do I add observations to a list?



I’m a bit new to birding and iNaturalist. I found a place near me off a local birding page, and created a list of birds that they said you can find there

The list is here:

The goal was to have a list, and try to photograph all of them. So I went out there over the weekend, and I think I captured 4 of them from the list, and logged them into iNaturalist

I assumed it would be done automatically, but the list still says “0 of 21 taxa observed”

Is there a way to put some of my observations into the list? This was one of the biggest features I was hoping for




You created a static list.

What you want to do is create a “Place” - Ed Levin County Park, and go to the lists page of the “Place” and add that list to the Place (do so as your list, dont add it to the default list - it makes management easier)…
Then your list OR any observations in the area will become the list for the area. And the last sighting in the place will be reported.
Note that Place Lists are older technology and require a few hours for the lists to be indexed.

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Ah, so I found one for the county park. So anybody’s observation gets added to the list? I can’t see how many I’ve personally observed?


  • you can use explore, and then add to the filters: place and your own observations only
  • you can use the compare option on the checklist, and compare the place list with your life list.