How do I add options to load observation?

I used to be able to add an observation using an image taken previously.
My only highlighted option is photo. Microphone, add image, etc. are not highlighted to use. How do I add them?

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This sounds like a question about using one of the apps - are you using the iOS or Android app? Depending on the issue, it might also help to know the app and OS versions.

can you share a screenshot?

If you’re on Android, check your settings for 'default observation action".

Having the same problem as OP. My app updated, and since then it won’t allow me to upload photos from my gallery. Only take a photo.

Using Andriod. Version 1.29.11

What happens when you tap Choose image?

under your phone settings - Apps - iNaturalist - Permissions - Photos and videos, is the “Allow” button selected?

When you hit “Choose Image” nothing happens, just takes you back to the Edit Observation screen.

Photos and Videos is allowed. Only made one change on the app settings, and that was to “Choose Image” as Default Observation Action. I did that after it wasn’t allowing Choose Observation, to see if it would change anything; but no change.

When giving the option for a new observation, only “Take Photo” is green, meaning, it will still allow you to take photos. The three other options (Choose Image, Record Sound, Choose Sound) are all black and unable to be used. I’m not concerned with the Record Sound or Choose Sound option, as I don’t plan on using them.

Android app

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