How do I make the Android App cache specific observations?

In the Android App, I can perform a search (while online) for a taxon of interest in an area of interest (etc.), see the search results in a grid or map, and click on each one to see the details. But after I’ve done this search, and want to be able to still click on each and see its details when I’m offline (in the field with no cell signal) is there some way I can ensure that the app has cached the necessary data (map, observation locations, IDs, photos) for a couple of hundred observations? In another Topic some very helpful smart people suggested other apps I could use for this, but I’m wondering if the iNaturalist Android App has this functionality, and if there are tricks to making it work consistently, please?

Thank you!

i don’t think the functionality that you’re asking for exists. i think the latest feedback from staff about functionality similar to what you’re proposing here is:

in the meantime, i believe your other discussion (How to efficiently revisit locations of numerous Observations? - General - iNaturalist Community Forum) offers alternative ways to do what you’re asking for here.

Thanks. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something in the app before going for more home brewed solutions, but I can make those work.

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