How do you add more than one pic to a single observation?

I often see an organism i want to take multiple pictures of. If it’s too fast, too small, or too big (i.e. a tree i want to have both close up and far away pictures of), i’d like to have a single observation with multuple pictures. Can this be done? Thanks!!

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Tony put together a nice tweet showing how to do this
does this help, or do you need more detail?


Perfect! I knew it was going to be easy. Thanks for the tip!!


Adding to this, perhaps it is necessary, but how about a function that would allow the user to fire off a bunch of photos, then pick and choose. As @raphael1c said, some organisms move fast, so the ability to take a bunch of photos without having to click “ok” after each one could be useful.

The same effect could be achieved by using the phone camera, but it’d be nice to be able to do it in app.

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Yes! I actually bought a new phone because i wanted higher quality pictures for inat. The photoburst function could help here. It takes dozens of pix per second. Maybe batch uploading could help?

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