Adding to a project I created

I recently created a project for a bioblitz however I cannot nor can anyone I have added contribute to it. Need to know how to add observations. Clicking “observation” in the project doesn’t work nor does adding it after the fact.

Can you include the link for the project?

Is this the project (the only one you administer): This appears to be a collection project, so any observation meeting the project requirements should appear automatically. However, under “Project Requirements” you restrict it to observations from a single user, and that user has no observations, so nothing meets the requirements to be added to the project. Either removing that restriction or adding other users should solve the problem.


You might also want to change the location parameter, as you currently have it set to “Worldwide”. So when you do add other users, ALL of their observations will be included, not just those relevant to the property you are interested in.


Also just noticed - the one person you have specified is not a member of your project. You have a member with a similar user ID, but not the ID you have said is the only one whose observations will be collected. So you might want to check that too.


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