How long does it take for GBIF outlinks to show up on observations?

Does anyone know how long it takes for GBIF outlinks to show up on observations? (normally they would should up on the web on the Observation page near the bottom of the page to the right of the Data Quality Assessments.) it looks like observations since about mid March don’t have GBIF outlinks on them, even if they have been pushed to GBIF.

observation from Feb (has outlink):

observation from Apr (missing outlink):


I think I remember reading somewhere that it’s done quarterly. Can’t for the life of me figure out where, though.


hmmm… interestingly, the observation that i noted above as missing an outlink now has an outlink, and many (but not all) of my observations from that same day also have outlinks now. the other days since mid March seem to still be missing outlinks. maybe someone is trying to populate the outlinks now, starting with a single day?

UPDATE: 20 hours later, it looks all my observations that were pushed over to GBIF now have outlinks on them. so i guess kitty12 was right that they kick this off roughly quarterly, since it’s early June now and it seemed to have been last kicked off mid March.

It should happen every month.

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