How many votes needed to overturn and ID?

How many votes are needed to overturn a vote on an observation? I’ve searched but have not found a discussion that mentions this. I’m asking because there’s an observation that currently has 3 vote for Corallorhiza and 6 votes for Bletia, most of which used to be Hexalectris, before the taxon swap. That’s a 2:1 ratio. Why is that not sufficient to fix the ID? How many votes are required? The Corallorhiza votes are by members who have been inactive since 2017.

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The standard is that more than 2/3 of the votes must be for species A before it becomes Research Grade. Maybe it takes that many to change this to Bletia, too.

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We’re at 2/3. So we just need one more?

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That is my understanding. (I may be wrong, of course.)

2/3 plus 1 is the math, I believe. Standard case is one maverick vs 3 agreeing.


Woohoo! Thanks for the vote. The confirmed your math.

Now we can go back to disagreeing over whether it’s spicata or arizonica. :)

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Inevitably, there will be comments explaining in minute detail why it is obviously spicata X arizonica.

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Heheh - unlikely, since H. arizonica is almost entirely self-pollinating. That said, until recently, it was considered a variety of H. spicata.

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If you click the “About” button for the Community ID on any observation it gives you a pop up explaining how it is calculated and a detailed breakdown for that observation. Some of the content for that observation looks like:


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