How to add a new genera in inaturalist

How to add a new genera in inaturalist?

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To get a genus added to the iNaturalist taxonomy, go to the taxon page for the Family (or next higher taxon) to which the genus belongs. On the right-hand side of the page, click on Curation, then Flag for Curation. For the flag reason, say something like “please add genus X.” In the comment, please provide the reason / justification for adding the genus.

Note that iNaturalist follows standard global taxonomic references for most groups. If the genus you want to add is not accepted by the standard in use, some discussion and justification will be needed in the flag comments before a decision can be made.


If the species is not yet in POWO, should I flag it for ‘one day’ ?
(I didn’t - for now it is in comments on the obs)

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Best thing to do is to follow the recommendations at the bottom (scroll down) of the Taxon Framework Relationship for Vascular Plants. This includes information for contacting POWO about missing species, etc.

If you feel that the species needs to be added to iNat ahead of POWO, then the genus should be flagged as above, and the proposal should be discussed like any other “deviation” from POWO.


Thanks - next time then, I will flag with the available info and a link to the obs.

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