How to add the introduced/native status of a species during iNat dataset download/export?


I am analysing plant species in New Zealand and would like to calculate the ratio of introduced to native species.

The only way I can think to do this is to filter my export by the native, add a column with ‘native’ to the csv then repeat this method with introduced.

I’d be very grateful if anyone can suggest a better way?

It seems a shame that you choose to add this label to your dataset during the download.


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edit: ack, pls. ignore me. I just get excited by maths problems. I did not read your post well. Sorry!

You can download the iNat NZ plant checklist here…
Biostatus is a property of the taxon in a place, rather than a property of each observation, and so you wouldn’t expect it to be part of an observation download.
If that doesn’t provide the data you need (because the biostatus annotation might be incomplete) then you can upload a list of taxon names to NZOR and match against the national organism checklist. The matched list will also provide national biostatus.


Thanks @cooperj ! This is exactly what I needed. Cheers heaps for sharing this.

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