Adding an observation to two projects at once

I am new to posting, so please bear with me if my question seems a little basic.
I have two local projects I have joined (Norfolk Island marine habitats and Underwater Norfolk Island), but neither of these appear in the project field when I am adding an observation. How do I add them? And is it possible to add the observations to both?

It may be that only curators of the projects can add observations, or that there are some parameters that aren’t allowing your observations to be added.

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Hi Susan, and welcome to the forum :)

Both of those projects are collection projects; this means that they automatically collect your observations (as long as they meet the requirements), and you don’t have to manually add anything


Thanks for explaining that. I’ve managed to add them to one but the Underwater Norfolk Island lists them as having a broad geographic location and I am wondering if that is why I can’t get them on that one. I’ve been fairly specific with my locations. I may have to go back and edit these then.

The Underwater Norfolk Island one seems to be working to me; if you go to, you’ll see that you have 47 observations in there

Thanks! Yes, I found them! Sorry :upside_down_face:

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