Listing species with few observations in a region

Is there a way to list only species that have few observations in a region? This list for the Houston area stops listing after the list gets to 15 observations each:, making it impossible to see the ones with fewer observations. Can the list be displayed in reverse order, with the rarest first? Or can the list show only species that have fewer than a specified number of observations?

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the species tab on the Explore page displays only up to the top 1000 “leaf taxa” (the first 2 sets of 500), i believe.


I made an app that I use for this purpose. Feel free to use it

It also has limitations, the api only returns 500 results so you might miss stuff if you have a high count or large area. Narrowing the search by time of the year can help.


this particular endpoint allows you to go above 500 if you specify a page parameter

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