How To Create a Species List Based on a Bounding Box

I’m trying to create a species list (either RG observations or species whose IUCN range map overlaps) of an area. For some of the taxa I already have the list built, but for other taxa, it would be great if the list could be generated by iNaturalist based on the geography of a bounding box. I’m trying to avoid creating a new Place…

There might be easier ways to do this, but I would approach it by downloading the whole set of obs from the area, transform into a species list in Excel or R, and then add it as a batch to the desired list.

If I understand your question correctly, here’s what I would do.
Draw your bounding box on Explore, then take the URL parameters to an external tool and download the csv.

As an example, this is Passeriformes in this bounding box:

And with the URL parameters moved over,
and there’s an export link for the csv

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If you need just get a list of species observed in the area you can use my tool ( Simply set needed area in Inat, and copy nelat=43.58986982751944&nelng=44.979537636972964&swlat=24.218824569792265&swlng=19.491256386972964 to “additional parameters” field. Also you can define taxon, research status and other params.

Currently you have to set some place or project to be able to run the script. You can use any as place.

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Beautiful! These both got me the results I needed. Thank you!