How to create an annual list?


I thought I’d seen somewhere there was a way to create a list/summary of observations - sorted by date? I’d like to generate a list of plants that I saw in 2019. Is that possible?


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Hi Dave! There are a few options depending on what exactly you’re looking for:

You can check out your Year in Review, which shows a bunch of different summaries:

Or use the Explore page filters to sort by your username, plants, and 2019:, which can be sorted by date observed=ascending to show earliest to latest observations

Or check out the observations/taxa option, which requires editing the URL directly, but will sort your observations by family and genus:

More searching tips can be found here. You can also always export your observations (to CSV) and make the exact type of summary you’re looking for - use the Explore page filters to narrow down your query and then click Download in the bottom right of the filters:



Hi Cassi,

Very good - thanks for this!
I think it was the Year in Review thing I was looking for…
I will check out !

Dave C


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