Organizing Lists

When I look at lists for a geographical area, for example Coos County Oregon USA, I get a list that is sorted by date. It would be must more helpful if I could sort it by scientific name. Is that possible? I will be adding new observations to a specific project and I have been asked to only add new ones. I can get a list of existing observations but they are all mixed up since they are by date, not type of organism. Thank you.

If by list you mean observations, not taxon lost, then on the right of the page you can open filters and rearrange by date added/observed from older to newer if you need older observations. There’s no way to sort by name other than just searching a taxon or opening life list/other list and seeing taxonomy tree there.

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If you only need this information occasionally, I would suggest downloading the observations to an Excel spreadsheet and sorting them there. To do this, query for the observations of Coos County or your specific project, then click on the “filters” tab and at the bottom right look for the “download” button. This will let you specify what information you want to download as a comma-separated format that you can import to a spreadsheet.

If it is a defined ‘place’ in iNaturalist, just go to the place page (e.g. Then in the ‘Species’ tab scroll down to the bottom of the taxonomic hierarchy on the left side of the page, and click ‘View Check List Page.’ There you can select the ‘Plain’ list view, which will show you the species list in taxonomic order. If you only want to see one taxonomic group, click on that group in the filters menu on the right side of the page.

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