Grid View sorted by observation date?

I find the icons in list view too small, even with my browser zoom increased. Can grid view be sorted by observation (rather than submission) date?

Which page/url?

Hi @becksnyc - you can sort by date observed rather than date added by clicking the grey Filters button, selecting Date observed under the Sort section.

All the filters and sorts are applicable to each of the three views, Map, Grid, and List.


Thanks, I never noticed the dropdown. Duh.

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This is off-topic but it would be useful if there were another sort option, which I’ll call “Day observed”. This option sorts by day of the year but it ignores the year. This would be useful for finding plants in various seasonal stages. Has this been discussed?


Thanks, yeah please post new questions as new topics. I don’t know if it’s been discussed, but day-to-day can be so variable in terms weather or even just how many observations are made, e.g did it fall on a weekend vs weekday. I use the filter by Month for that purpose.


I believe as we have an option to sort by months it covers that aspect at least a little bit.

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