How to designate state parks as locations for a project just on state parks

I am starting a project to obtain new observations of amphibians and reptiles from South Dakota’s 63 state parks and recreation areas. Some parks such as Custer State Park show up when I type it in, but many do not. So I’m wondering if their is a way I can input the parks as new geographic locations.

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I made this a General question instead of a Feature request, since this functionality already exists. I would broadly recommend:

Reading about places on iNat in existing documentation, especially focused on standard vs. user created places and others

Double-checking which locations exist/which you might need to create

Checking/searching this forum for existing posts and tutorials which cover ways to do place creation

I’d also recommend thinking about what type of project you are going to create (a bunch of collection projects one one umbrella project?) - Some projects might already exist for some of these locations that do what you want.

in addition to what cthawley has said, this may or may not be useful:

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