How to edit a wrong Life Stage

A wrong Life Stage can not be edited directly. So this is how to work around:

This lizard observation was classified as a juvenile, while it clearly shows eggs. This is how it looked before correction:

To correct this, I identified the observation as a plant, thereby pushing the ID to “State of matter Life”. Then I edited and deleted the plant ID, so the ID was lizard again.
The wrong Life Stage information was lost in this process and the right Life Stage could be subsequently chosen.
Now after correction:


that’s handy, but what happens when there are half a dozen agreements to a lizard ID?


Does the inability to suggest a better life stage not count as a bug?


An oversight at the very least.

More concerning (to me) is that one does not get notifications for disagreements (or agreements, for that matter) to life stage.


Interesting workaround. The one time I encountered that before, I just left a comment, and the user corrected it themselves.

If the person who left the annotation had no longer been active or didn’t want to change it, however, I don’t know if multiple “thumbs down” by other identifiers would ever be enough to override the annotation and allow another one to be selected.