How to find and accept community IDs?

I am missing a way to mark observations where I have “accepted” the results from the commuity. A box to tick somewhere on the observation’s page.

Alternatively a way to automatically sort my observations so those with latest activity are shown at the top of my list of observations. Again a box to tick or simply a new column called “latest activity” that can be clicked when you want to see what happened the last month… When numbers of observations uploaded it is getting more and more difficult to keep up with progress due to a mix of reserarch grade and untouched items. Yes I know they can be sorted(via a few clicks) but sometimes just that last activity should be great to see.

Cheers Katarina

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Hi @kstenman, I moved your post to the General category, since it is a question about iNaturalist itself, and not about the Forum. I also changed your title to better match the questions you are asking – but feel free to edit the title again if I misunderstood anything. As to your questions,

The first way is to add your own ID that agrees with the community ID, if that is your conclusion. The second way is to vote on the question at the bottom of the observation, "Based on the evidence, can the Community Taxon still be confirmed or improved?"

I know of two ways to do this (others may have better ideas):

I hope that helps answer your questions, but if I didn’t understand them correctly, please feel free to clarify.


Yes partly they are solutions on my problem but it is too “fluffy” if I can say soo. I want a smaller sized set-up. On the observations page just add one column adding the date someone added something. If you have more than 200 observation it is quite difficult to keep track. Not all have become research grade, sometimes there are comments added and that would be a way to find those quickly. Just call it “Input”. Easier than showing the date would be to give those with new input since last time I was logged in a symbol in red. * or #

Cheers Katarina

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I might misunderstand you, but have you checked the ‘your content’ area on the dashboard? Works perfectly for keeping track of comments etc. for me. (And I think it is meant to do just that, while the observations area isn’t, really.)


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