How to find observations with no ID at all?

I’m sure that this has been asked before, but I tried several different search word combinations and couldn’t find an answer. I’d like to search for all observations within a geographic area that have no identifcation at all. I know how to use the Identify tool to find those that have been identified as State of matter Life, but I’d like to find the ones where users haven’t entered anything. Thanks!

Use the Category Filter = “Unknown” in the Explore or Identify tabs (the box containing a dashed-line leaf with the question mark in the center) in conjunction with your area of interest, and this should return observations missing any identification.

Edit to add: you can also use “&iconic_taxa=unknown” after the place ID in your address bar to the same effect. Example.


Thank you! I thought I had tried that but I guess I had some other filter on and it wasn’t working like I wanted it to.

Due to some quirks of how the “iconic taxa” are set up, searching for “unknown” will show some observations of taxa like viruses and bacteria. To find observations without an ID, you can edit the URL by adding &identified=false to the end of it, for example unidentified observations in Ontario: (more search URL tips here)


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