Is there a way to find a specific observation missing a id/location in the Upload menu?

I am submitting a large amount of IDs from a walk (probably mistake number 1) and I have trouble finding the ones left without an ID or location. Is there any faster way or am I stuck searching through?

On the website you can go to your observations and then filter by taxon level in your observations (Rank Low=Kingdom to find those that have no ID). Check “verifiable” under the checkboxes in the filters as well.

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I just use ctrl f and search for “Species name” or “Location”

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there’s an existing request to make it easier to find problematic observations in the web upload screen:

unless a change is implemented to address this, i think you’re stuck searching through the observation cards on the upload screen, or maybe scanning through your list of observations after upload.


Any observation missing a location, or similar, will be marked Casual, so you can search for your Casual observations then inspect each one to see why it is marked as such:
Is that what you wanted?

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