How to include Hawaii into a North American project

I checked to see whether this topic has been covered but can’t find a response. I co-admin a traditional project that seeks to collect high quality observation of fungi from North America.

We would also like to include Hawaii in the project, since it’s a part of the US, even thought it’s strictly speaking not a part of North America. How can I change the Location settings so that Hawaii is included? Thank you!

Location in traditional project doesn’t stop observations from being added, now this project already have observations from Hawaii, you can delete place from filters if you think it may confuse someone.

Edit the project and add a new “Must be in place” rule for Hawaii.

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Thank you both! We definitely don’t want to delete place from filters because we used to have people mistakenly add observations from other continents. The Hawaiian observations were added before we added location restrictions.

I don’t see a place where I could add a “Must be in Place” rule for Hawaii. All I see is “If your project is about a particular place, set the coordinates by clicking the map or entering them manually.” I’m not sure how I would set the coordinates for North America + Hawaii.

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In rules of observation choose “must be in place”.


Marina, that worked. D’oh. Thanks!


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