How to invite new members to a project

My project is relatively new. It covers observations made on Skidaway Island, GA, which contains a community of about 8,600 people. There are often new observations on the project, but quite a few of these people are NOT members of the project (The Landings/Skidaway Island, GA). I cannot find a way to invite them without writing them individually. Is there an “Invite” or “Invite to project” button somewhere that I am missing? Thank you.

If I were you, I would make up a standard invitation, about one paragraph in length, and keep it as a Word Document on the side, then copy it in as a message to each person you want to invite.


Make a post in your project with a table of top observers and inviting them to join, doing that regularly with top and new people will bring these people to your project plus you will have historical stats.

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