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My question is, can I setup a group where people join my community and then I can see what they have posted?
This is because I do stream and I’d like my community to get into this, so we can share our photos on stream as well and talk about them

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I think you might be looking to create a project. You can do a collection project based on geography and/or adding individual members to a project. You can also do a traditional project where people select which observations they want to add.

Maybe you could look at some examples and see if those would meet your needs?


first I want to say this sounds like a really great and fun idea!

this seems like the option that best suits what you want, but this can get VERY ANNOYING. I really wish there was an option where users could just join and automatically get all their observations added from there.

Years ago I was recruited as an admin for someone elses project using their influence on a social media platform to introduce people to inat, and as our posts about it and my activities I planned for it cycled around and more people got interested, trying to keep up to speed on all the people sending me messages on either site asking to be added, as well as watching the “joined” list for people who understandably thought clicking “join” was enough to get added and therefore didnt message anyone, and manually inputting all of those usernames got crazy fast

so this is another good option if you have a lot of followers, and then its just up to them to manually add their observations all the time. not ideal, but everyone for themselves is a lot easier than you for everyone

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