Place does not appear in new traditional project

I’m trying to start a traditional project to catalogue the trees on a farm. I created a place for this purpose, but it doesn’t appear as an option when selecting location in the new traditional project page. It does appear in the new collection project page filters, but I need the traditional one.

Does anyone know why this might be happening? I changed the name of the place, which is possibly a cause, but neither name works.

I’m using Chrome, if that affects anything.

Place: Name is Koppin Yarratt, 155.

Traditional Project:

Collection Project:

inspecting your place, I note that you have left the ‘parent place’ field blank. I wonder if this is at all related. Can you edit your place, fill out the parent place as NSW, and then see what happens?

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That fixed it! Thank you. I wonder why that stops it from appearing in the traditional project, but not the collection one.

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my guess was that for the collection project, the field just asks for a place. But for the traditional project, note that it explicitly asks for an iNaturalist Australia place. And so I assumed that for the purposes of that field, if you don’t fill out the parent place, it doesn’t ‘know’ that the place is in Australia

That makes sense. Cheers!