How to merge two distribution maps together?

I’ve been trying to update the distribution maps for some lumps in bird, but I can figure out how to update maps. I’m using QGIS, but I can’t find any feature that comes out with the desired outcome. Google searches have been fruitless.

This might help:
(let me know if it doesn’t, I don’t have time to open it right this minute)

Briefly, in QGIS
Load the kml/shapefiles
Vector > Geoprocessing Tools > Union
Select the new Unioned layer
Toggle editing on the layer, then select all points (Ctrl +A)
Edit > Edit Geometry > Merge Selected Features
The feature count should now be 1, ready for export as a kml

I can add screenshots if needed

This is for QGIS 3.28.6 some of the menu options may have moved around and be in a different location to previous versions


Yep, that worked. Let’s get those lumps done.

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