How to post multiple pictures of the same place and date

How can I add multiple pictures and only type in the location and date once, since they are all the same location and date but different organisms? Thanks.

Welcome! You can duplicate, then just change the photos.

Hi Rita and welcome to the forum. When you’re in the upload screen (assuming you’re on desktop and not phone), just click on the leftmost observation on your screen and then, while holding down the shift key, click on the rightmost. This will select both of those observations and all of the ones in between too. All the ones you’ve selected should now have a green outline like this:

Then all you have to do is go the left and click in the ‘location’ bar, and whichever location you type in will apply to all of the observations you selected. You can then do the same thing for the date bar

Two other things to note:

  1. If the observations you want to apply the same location and date to are not all in a row on your screen, then instead of holding down shift, hold down the ‘ctrl’ key, and that will allow you to pick all the individual observations that you want.
  2. If all of the observations you’re uploading at once are at the same location and date, all you have to do is tick this box at the top of the screen
    and then type in the location/date as normal

Wow! I learned something from that too. Never uploaded photos or audio from the site. Cool!

Welcome to the forums

You miss a lot then :smiley:, it’s also much faster with phone pics using USB, as you can do tons of them at one time.


You may find other useful tips for the web uploader in this short tutorial:

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