Multiple observations; same location

I have several dozen observations to submit from the same location where we set up lights and a sheet to photograph many insects using a non-GPS equipped DSLR. Is there a way to reuse a location so I don’t have to select the same circle on a map every time?

What tool are you using for your entry - one of the mobile apps or the website ?

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it looks like @elharo’s observations were made on the website:

on the Website:

  • Select all observations you want to add locations to (shift click)

  • click on the location box on the left

  • Add the location as you would normally


if you are going to be using the same spot often, you can also save it as a pinned location:


On the website there are also a couple of options:

  • to enter new records. Enter one record with the location. When it saves, click the blue coloured drop down at the top right, select duplicate. Remove the existing photo by removing the check, add your photo and the id, repeat as many times as needed via the Save and add another observation at the bottom.
  • if records are already added, click your user badge in the top right, choose edit observations and that gets you to a batch edit section where you can select records and edit them all in a batch.
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If you prefer a command line option, you can use ExifTool to set the GPS coordinates at once of all your observations at the same time.

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