How to search for observations I have followed

Simple request: I’m trying to find observations where I have clicked “Follow this observation”.
I’m amazed that this hasn’t already been answered -but I can’t find it in iNat Help files or this forum. Maybe I just missed it?

Observations marked as reviewed are automatically followed, and followed observations are automatically marked as reviewed afaik. You can always “favorite” those you’d like to keep track of but can’t currently contribute to.

To consult observations marked as reviewed, go to the “Identify” tab and check the “Reviewed” box in the upper right corner.

Scratch that. Tested it by following an unreviewed observation and the latter was NOT marked as reviewed. I would once again advise “favoriting” as opposed to following, since there not only exists a filter for favorited observations in the “Identify” tab but also a keyboard shortcut for “favoriting” observations.

Thank you for the response but I’m looking for observations that I have followed, not reviewed. I often prefer not to mark observations as ‘favourite’ because that sends a notification to the observer.

To my knowledge there is no way to search observations you have followed. Following only means that you will get notifications when activity happens on that observation.

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The choice is yours of course. Like @swampster I don’t know of any way to filter for followed observations (although there really should be one).


i don’t think this functionality is available anywhere in the system. besides using the follow this observation function to explicitly subscribe to an observation, you will also end up subscribing to observations by doing things like commenting and adding identifications. as far as i know, there’s no way to differentiate between observations that were subscribed using one method vs another another.

the only way that i’m aware of for regular folks to list out observation subscriptions, regardless of subscription method, is to use the subscription page: to get a full list, i think you would have to do some web scraping of that page.

as others have mentioned, there are other ways to gather observations that you want to be able to find later, such as using the favorite function, or by putting observations in projects, etc. (you could also just keep your own list of observations, and you could call up those observations later. for example:,143661257,143663096 .)


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