Sorting sightings - Taxonomic order or chronological order?

It seems that when I go to “my observations” the default view is the order in which I entered them. Is there a way to sort “my observations” into 1) taxonomic order or 2) chronological order - ie, by date observed, rather than date added to iNaturalist ?

If you mean the your observations page

Replace my user name with yours or just follow the link in the header bar, you can sort by date observed by clicking the triangle next to the column header. There is no taxonomic sort here.

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Got it - as far as the chonological sorting goes. Unfortunate not to have a taxonomic option tho. Thanks

There is a feature request for that here:
From the comments on that thread it looks like the developers are considering adding it next year.


For now you can open your life list and it will be in taxonomic order, also it seems easier to work with than the whole obs page.


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