Your identifications of a group at a specific taxonomic rank

Is there any way to see your identifications of an organism at one specific taxonomic rank, in my case I would like to see the observations I’ve identified as genus Eleodes, only at genus level.

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Try this search to see your organisms identified by taxon, then use the filter button to restrict to which taxon and ranks you want:

I originally got this search on the forum, but sadly I’ve lost the notes on who from. It’s been a very useful tool.

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I think that’s just all observations IDed to species. The OP would like Eleodes observations IDed to genus.


also in different levels of taxa, for example families would be also useful

This is all available in the filters. Or you can modify the URL with lrank=(desired rank).

This doesn’t answer the question : these are all observations IDed to genus, not just those IDed to genus by a particular user.

You can’t find it using the internal search.
You will have to use but I don’t know how that works.

I suppose it’s a little ambiguous what the OP wanted. If they would like observations at genus level and observations where they have only added an ID of genus, that would be more complicated. But depending on how many disagreeing species IDs they have added, it could be pretty similar.

It’s pretty clear to me:

I was looking for the observations I’ve identified as genus Eleodes, so I wanted to any avoid observation which I had identified as, for example E. armata, but then is at genus because of a disagreement.

Basically I want only the observations I’ve identified as genus Eleodes, but not the ones that are at genus level due to a disagreement.


@pisum created a helpful tool for using iNat’s API to search IDs (rather than observations) - you do still need to edit the URL rather than use dropdowns/text filters, but like this for example:

See also this feature request:


Thank you very much! This is what I had in mind when I talked about the API, but I couldn’t find this tool. And it helps me a lot with another problem (IDing subspecies I have already IDed at species level).

Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for.

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