Keep and sort via little organism icons on the Edit Observations page

The little organism icons that appear when your edit page is loading should remain where they are. The magenta map markers could be placed somewhere else, say under the “Edit/View >>” which is closer to the map anyway.
This would be helpful to keep this large “denomination category” so you can see all your plants, say, or all your insects. It would be especially helpful if you could sort your observations by clicking on the heading of the columns of data, including by that column housing the little icons, as well as the other ones already there, eg. by name, by date observed, by place name, by date added.

But you already can search by those group on that page?

filtering/searching can be done on that page. but I think @mimi_c wants a “sort by” function if I understand correctly.

In general the “sorting” on this view I quite limited, but I think a lot can be achieved by using the “search” function.

not sure if we need another visual indication of the “denomination category” as taxon names are already coloured in the corresponding colour.

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Got it! It can be used, but souns pretty useless if there’re a lot of observations with e.g. 20 pages of plants before you find first mamal.

I feel the same, personally I did not yet had the need to sort in this view other than by date (which is available).

I think search/filter is more useful especially when dealing with a lot of observations.

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