How to stop observation exports?

How do you stop exporting a set of observations from a project?
I was going to export some observations from a project, but I selected the wrong categories. I only noticed after I hit “export.” I did it again, but this time I didn’t pick the category I needed. I now have 2 quite huge sets of observations currently exporting. Is there a way to stop it? If not, would any ongoing exportations slow down another export?

i’m not aware of a way to stop an export once you’ve kicked it off. on the export page, i can see the queued or processing status of a job that has been submitted, but i don’t see any buttons to stop the progress of such a job, though i guess you could request one to be added in the future here:

that said, even if a particular set of data to be exported was large, i would assume that iNaturalist’s servers would be powerful enough that no single export job would dramatically affect the execution of other export jobs. so i wouldn’t worry about it too much.

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